Julius Errol Flynn | A difference story

There is no such thing as a truth about style, yet, there are some pretty strong points.

Julius Errol Flynn is the name of a brand, but also of the man responsible for the concept of this elegant garment trademark. “Bring color into light” is the primary inspiration for the present collection that finds a fashionable agenda in the color combination, and on trendy patterns, yet far from being extravagant.

Designed and created in Germany, and finished in the EU (with details such as the buttons being all hand sewn), this set of quality shirts will challenge even the most demanding of individuals.

Julius Errol Flynn shared with us a brief insight about the brand. Read below.


Please briefly state the history and path of Julius Errol Flynn up until now.

I graduated from university in Chicago with a writing degree and wanted to start seeing the world and writing about it.  So, I moved to Tokyo due to being interested in the style and movement of the people.  I spent some years there teaching English and doing minor fashion things on the side.  In this time, I traveled to various countries and took it all in. Soon I found myself in Berlin, where I feel it’s just the right place for an upcoming artist, fashion designer or anyone trying to make a fresh start.  The artistic energy is all over the city.   Upon arrival in Berlin, I started to focus on training myself the techniques of tailoring.  With the help of my partner I released my first series of tailored shirts.


You are a self-taught tailor; why the need to create a brand?

I believe the need to have my own brand was always there.  Fashion has been in my mind, marinating and just waiting for the moment to come out.  Being self-taught is just the beginning part of the motivation to create a brand.  “You gotta crawl before you walk.”   Learn the basic and expand from there…  Also, my name “Julius Errol Flynn” is unique and easy to remember.  And it’s not a fake or staged name; it’s truly my real name, due to my mother’s love for cinema.



Visit Julius Errol Flynn’s official website.