Rook: An interview with Jon Garcia

Rook Brand Clothing

Rook is one of the most visually powerful clothing brands around. Jon Garcia and Joe King are the men behind a brand that is determined to spread a message packed with values and determination. Rook’s core is all about the visual, the impact of the looks, and away that really impresses the individual. Jon Garcia, one of the creative minds of Rook, talked to us about branding, the power of the message, and what the New Year is going to bring about for Rook. Read below.
Rook forwards a strong visual statement in all of its pieces, somehow disregarding the branding; how do you better cope with that?
At ROOK we believe the statement made by our strong visual pieces of art is the core of our branding. Our brand is built on high quality, unique art and that is what differentiates our brand from the rest.
What his your feeling towards style and brands these days? Do you feel that branding has overthrown the message?
I feel as though style has become less about the clothing and more about the message. It’s important to have a strong message that your brand represents but the quality and style of the clothing needs to be there in order to have the power to support that message. Branding is a very important part of any company – it some cases the two are synonymous.
rook brand clothing
Rook frequently uses animal imagery – how come?
We typically depict strong fierce animals in our graphics which represents power, the bravery and the fearlessness.
Can you disclose some info about upcoming releases? Collabs to come?
I can’t give away too much information at this point – but I can let you know that 2013 is going to be a big year for ROOK. We are working on several collaborations and featuring different artists in each line to come that will really spice things up. Fall 2013 marks the debut of our cut and sew as well.
What is your favorite piece of the Rook collection, and why?
Any of our 5 panel hats we are launching this spring. I feel ROOK was able to really express our personality and style through these hats.
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Rook Brand Clothing
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